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10 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your long-term partner or a new flame, it’s good to show creativity and romance when you’re planning your date. After all, there are so many more exciting options than plain old dinner and a movie. Pick one of these fun, alternative date ideas to impress your paramour this February 14.

Mini Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? It’s the chance to chat, bond, and explore your surroundings. Pick a route somewhere near you and enjoy some good music and junk food while you cruise around. To really take you out of the day-to-day, you could rent a car that you’ve always wanted to drive. Places like Avis and Budget offer budget car rental coupon codes – deals so you can try that car out you’ve always wanted to drive…and relax all weekend.

You can stay at a bed and breakfast and probably get a great rate on it, thanks to Priceline, Hotwire, and other last-minute hotel booking sites. There are also members-only prices on hotels available from some providers as well.

Watch the Sunrise

If your beloved is an early riser, take it one step further and make a breakfast picnic to eat while you watch the sunrise. This romantic option is perfect if you’re trying to surprise your sweetheart.

Have a Sleepover

Everyone remembers the excitement of childhood sleepovers, of watching movies, gossiping, and sharing secrets late at night. Get hold of your beau’s favorite snacks and films (and maybe even a couple of face masks) to recreate the feeling at home.

Try an Art Class

If you or your partner are the creative type, try going to an art class. Life drawing will give you a giggle, and if you don’t make great art, you’ll at least come away with some fun keepsakes.

Visit a Psychic

Even if you don’t believe in anything supernatural, visiting a psychic can be an exciting way to discuss possible futures with your beloved. As a bonus, it’s also usually super-cheap.

Go Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is fun and active, and it gets you outdoors. Find an orchard or berry farm near you, and bring a blanket so you can have a fruity picnic afterwards.


There’s nothing like giving back to bond you together. Find a charity you’re passionate about and spend the day volunteering with them.

Visit a Day Spa

For a truly luxurious experience, book some massages at a day spa and spend the afternoon relaxing and enjoying a bubbling hot tub with your sweetheart.

Movie Marathon

Pick out some movies you’ve both talked about but never seen, and queue them up for a snuggly movie marathon. You can even pick a genre or theme to add more structure to this stay-at-home date.

Flea Market Gifts

Go to a flea market or thrift store together and try to find gifts for one another within a low price range. You’ll have fun and come away with something unique and memorable to help you remember the day.

Your sweetheart will love these exciting date ideas so take this chance to show them you adore them by planning something creative.