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How Hotels.com Coupons Can Enhance Your Cruise Experience.

Hotels.com Promo Codes Offer More Than Just Cost Savings.

If you’re thinking of hopping on a cruise in the new year, you may want to consider booking your cruise using a hotels.com coupon website. Why? Well, a little-known secret is that they tend to offer special cruise discount offers along with the coupons that give you onboard credits, extra nights for free and other cool free items that you won’t find if you book directly with a cruise company or a travel agent.

What to do with all that extra money to spend on a cruise? How about a shore excursion?

Make the Most of Your Cruise with a Private Shore Excursion


Cruises are a great way to spend a holiday if you enjoy seeing new sights and visiting new places. Instead of spending all your time in one resort – however relaxing that may be – a cruise lets you see several different sides of an area without all the hassle of travelling from point to point: on a cruise, the travelling time is often the part of the holiday where you can relax the most.

There is a downside to cruises though, and it’s that when you stop off at a port you usually only have a limited time to explore, and no matter how well you plan your shore visit the chances are you’ll miss out on a lot of valuable sights and experiences simply through a lack of local knowledge. This is where the services of a private shore excursion organizer come in.

The words ‘shore excursion‘ might bring to mind coachloads of camera-toting holidaymakers being bussed from tourist trap to tourist trap, but these days such tours are a far cry from this old cliché. For a start, you can choose to travel in groups as small or as large as you like, and your transport is apt to be a luxury air-conditioned car rather than a rickety old bus.

Likewise, your guide can be as active or as passive as you like, either leading you every step of the way through the most visit-worthy spots, or simply acting as a facilitator offering gentle guidance and assistance should you need it. However, never underestimate the benefits of a local accent when it comes to skipping lines of tourists at busy attractions!

Some shore excursions will offer a defined itinerary, taking the work out of planning your day, while others are much more relaxed and will let your group lead the way, with the guide offering helpful advice on such weighty matters as the best places to eat, the attractions which are most worth seeing or the most overpriced, and where to go if you want a peaceful drink away from the crowds. The very best tours will combine elements of the two extremes, setting up a loosely structured timetable of places to visit but with plenty of flexibility to tailor the day to your group’s preferences.

Lastly, after what was hopefully a great day out, your guide will provide one final service, which can be a very important one in a foreign country with unfamiliar language and public transport customs: making sure you get back to your ship in time for departure, whatever unexpected hurdles fate may place in your way! After all, you just saved a lot of money thanks to Coupon Coder and a few thrifty shopping decisions. You don’t want to get left behind!