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Blue Sea Cruises Inc ecology statement

Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. is at the forefront of Green Tourism in Hawaiian waters.
We provide Eco friendly tours based on the belief that touring nature should have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our commitment to the environment is carried through from our Eco friendly designed vessels to our belief that the marine environment and its creatures should be respected and preserved for future generations. In addition to following all laws and recommend guidelines published by the State and Federal Government, our experienced Captains follow specific company guidelines that offer little to no  impact on the environment and its creatures.

Blue Sea Cruises does not provide tours that have been determined to be detrimental to marine animals. Activities such as “Swimming with wild dolphins” are highly profitable for operators and popular with those visitors who do not know the adverse effects that this activity has on the resting animals.  (We encourage our guests to visit the NOAA web site on Hawaiian spinner dolphins for additional information)

Blue Sea Cruises is the only commercial vessel operation on the Kona Coast that uses Bio Diesel in its vessels. We are also the only company in Kona that does not dump its human waste overboard. Waste from our rest rooms is held in an onboard holding tank until it can be pumped into the on shore sewage system for treatment. Our vessels are designed to have as little impact on the ocean as possible. 

Blue Sea Cruises is the only tour operator in the State of Hawaii that operates under guidelines based on many years of scientific data on dangers recorded  by boats to manta rays. 

During the design phase of the M/V Spirit of Kona over 100 years of scientific data on vessel vs. marine life collisions was studied and considered.  The following are just two facts that resulted in design modifications:

  1. Of vessels less than 100 feet in length, vessels 27 foot or less have the greater number of incidents of collisions with surface marine life.  (I.e. Whales, surface feeding animals like manta rays, turtles, whale sharks etc.)  Utilizing this data, the Spirit of Kona’s underwater lighting and glass bottom wells were designed to be over 27 feet away from propellers and rudders.
  2. With the increase of vessel speeds since the advent of steam power through internal combustion engines, data studied shows that during speeds over 12 knots per hour the probability of collisions with surface marine life (i.e. Whales, surface feeding animals like manta rays, turtles, whale sharks etc.) increases exponentially.  Utilizing this data, Blue Sea Cruises limits all its vessels speeds to less than 12 knots per hour.

Therefore both Blue Sea Cruise's vessels keep speeds below 12 knots and have properllers designed at a distance of 27' from the lights and windows.  Blue Sea Cruises is the marine life and creatures at the heart of their operation to protect and preserve for all furture populations.

The Makai was the perfect choice for Blue Sea Cruises manta ray snorkeling tours.   The Makai has tunnel drive, which means the propellers, and rudders are tucked up in to the hull.  This is an important feature for mooring in manta ray areas, as mantas are known to swim along boat hulls attracted by the minimal deck lighting.  The Makai’s deep draft of 5 feet non-only allows for a more stable ride and comfortable sit at moorings.  It also allows for a deep reaching dive ladder that does not protrude below the hull into the water column.  This is an additional safety feature for manta rays that can collide with dive ladders not protected by the boat.

Blue Sea Cruises Inc. History

Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. was formed in 2004 with the idea of filling the niche for a truly  Eco sight seeing tour. Our first vessel, the 46-foot power catamaran Makai, was purchased in early 2004 then totally renovated in dry dock over a 4-month period. The newest generation, clean burning computerized engines were installed along with all new control and electrical systems. The Makai began service in the summer of 2004 introducing a totally new concept in viewing marine life on the Kona Coast.

The Makai offered the opportunity for people of all ages and most physical conditions to be able to view marine life from a comfortable platform. Its mission was simple, cruise the coastline and locate marine mammals and other sea life for our guests to enjoy and experience in an eco friendly and comfortable environment. Once the marine life was located, passengers were able to view them for extended periods from the Makai’s open walk around decks.

On the return trips, the Makai offered a hula show that was to become Blue Sea Cruises signature live entertainment on our tours.

The departure from the norm on our marine tours was an immediate success. Popular with people of all ages and physical abilities, it was quickly adopted by the cruise ship industry, travel and activity . The popularity of these tours led to the custom design and eventual construction of the Spirit of Kona.

With the arrival of the Spirit of Kona in July 2007, Blue Sea Cruises modified its daytime tours to include glass bottom viewing. We also introduced our popular “Evening On The Reef “ Sunset Dinner Cruise. This unique tour combined the best of service, food and beverages with the famous Kona sunsets and added the opportunity to view nocturnal sea life through its large illuminated glass bottom wells. The majority of the trips produce exciting views of the famous Kona Manta Rays.

Innovative and ecology based thinking has made Blue Sea Cruises Inc. one of the fastest growing marine tour and service companies in Hawaii. As with the before mentioned study of scientific data we designed the construction of the Spirit of Kona so that propellers would be over 27foot away from all lights and windows. As technology and our understanding of the marine environment grows, Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. will continue to grow and modify its operation to fulfill its belief that the marine environment needs to be preserved for all future generations.

Please browse our web site for details on our tours and vessels.



WOW!!! I've uploaded my photos and a comment (to my blog) which I hope will help keep you guys in business. Your cruise was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.
Cheers guys, Pranav