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About Us

The team at Blue Sea Cruises having fun together. Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. believes it is  important to have a happy team.

Our Crew had a Picnic Fun Day on the Makai.

Captain Cindy

Captain Cindy

Captain Ray also Narrator

Captain and Narrator Ray

Captain Rick

First Mate/Bar tender Rick

First Mate/Bartender Erika

First Mate/bar tender Erika

Hula Entertainer Keahi

Hula Dancer Keahi

MC/Musician/Singer Big Daddy

MC/Musician and Singer - Big Daddy

2009 Crew Party

old crew picture



WOW!!! I've uploaded my photos and a comment (to my blog) which I hope will help keep you guys in business. Your cruise was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.
Cheers guys, Pranav