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  • Giant MantaGiant Kona Manta Ray
  • Cephalic Mouth of MantaCephalic lobes close up
  • MantaManta with cleaing fish
  • White Belly of MantaWhite with markings under belly
  • Night Dive MantaManta ray below glass bottom well lights.
  • Feeding Manta RayFeeding Manta showing filtering Gills
  • Wide Open Manta Feeding at NightWide Open Manta Ray Feeding on Plankton
  • Manta Swimming in ShallowsManta Ray skimming sandy shallows
  • Kona Manta RaysKona Manta Rays in Giant Glass Bottom Wells


Glass Bottom Kona Manta Ray Watch  


World's Only Glass Bottom Manta Watch

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From the Blue Sea Cruises YouTube Channel where you can find even more Manta Video.

No need to get wet! Watch the Giant Kona Manta Rays perform an underwater ballet while you stay dry, safe, cozy and comfortable on the decks of the glass bottom boat, Spirit of Kona. High intensity lights illuminate the underwater scene. Watch through the large glass bottom windows as the giant manta ray enters and feeds on the plankton forming near the lights under the boat. We will have the opportunity to see them up close and just inches from the glass. The experience is fabulous! Snap photographs and video to take home and share with your family and friends. Do it all while enjoying your favorite cocktail or soft drink in dry cozy comfort.

A light snack and complimentary Mai Tai included.

It used to be the only way to see the Giant Kona Manta Ray was to get into a cold black ocean at night in scuba or snorkel gear. Now the Spirit of Kona allows an alternative. It is equipped with underwater lighting to draw in the plankton that the Giant Manta Rays feed on. It is the newest most popular way to view these graceful animals with the whole family all ages.

It is a known fact that scuba divers and snorkelers in the water often unwittingly rub against the fragile coral damaging the precious reef. Boat anchors dropped on the reef destroy the fragile ecosystem beyond repair. Help save our reef and the sea life by viewing responsibly. Watch the Giant Manta Rays from the decks of Spirit of Kona.

The most eco friendly and responsible way to view these amazing animals.

The Spirit of Kona was custom design to operate in an eco friendly invironment.TripAdviser Cert of Excellence

Watching the Giant Kona Manta Rays is rated as one of the top ten things to do in Hawaii by travel magazines. What better way to view them, than from a large, stable dry boat while sipping your favorite cocktail or soft drink in cozy comfort.

Additional refreshments, Beer, Wine, Well drinks, and souvenir items are available for purchase.

Blue Sea Cruises operates directly from the Kailua Pier across from the King Kamehameha Hotel. You may use the hotel address for your gps device to find the pier. 

75-5660 Palani Rd or Ali'i and Palani Road intersection see map.


Adults (12 years and up) $84.00 plus tax and fuel surcharge Total $95.02

Child (5-11 years) $63.00 plus tax and fuel surcharge Total $72.52

Toddlers (0-4 years) Free

Times:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

      Oct 1st to Mar 31st Check in 7:00pm with a 7:30pm departure
      Apr 1st to Sept 30th Check in 7:30pm and depart at 8:00pm

Approximately 2.5 hour tour.Schedule

Departing from the Kailua Kona Pier .

Fuel surcharge of $5 on all tours

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If you want to see manta rays but don't want to dive this is for you! Evening boat tour takes you to view them with lights and commentary from a knowledgable crew. Great for all ages and promised repeat tour if none spotted, makes this a win win. Pictures ok , but video better! Two viewing areas are great to see the mantas roll! Plus the great ride to and from the viewing area make this a do.