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  • Bottle Nose Dolphin off the bow
  • Dolphins escort us on our journey-up close encounters
  • Fun for the entire family to enjoy togther out on the water.
  • Narration of the Reef life seen in the giant glass bottom viewing windows
  • We take all ages and get them in the act whenever possible.
  • Live hula show on lunch trip
  • Dolphins can perform exciting acrobatic behavior
  • Local Spinner Dolphins love to ride the wake of Blue Sea Cruises vessels
  • The Spinner Dolphins gather during the day in large groups called Pods.









Dolphin Eco Adventure - Glass Bottom Cruise


Dolphins, whales, sea life and more, are the focus of this Eco Adventure.

Come aboard Kona’s largest glass bottom sight seeing boat. Watch Wild Spinner Dolphins swim, frolic and jump, while enjoying the panoramic views of Kona above and below the surface of the ocean. View undersea vistas generally reserved for scuba divers through our large glass bottom wells.

See the Wild Spinner Dolphins up close in their natural habitat while resting, playing and performing aerial acrobatics, (Humpback Whales seen December through April). Kona’s coastal waters are host to many species of marine mammals and sea life year round. Sea life often seen on this tour may include Pilot Whales, False Killer Whales, Green Sea Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks, tropical fish, live coral gardens and much more. 

During your cruise our on board naturalist will enlighten you on the Historical sites along the coastline, the tropical fish you will see in the giant glass bottom windows and the different species of Dolphin and whales encountered. 

From the Blue Sea Cruises YouTube Channel where you can find even more Manta Video.

Save on Dolphin Adventure Hawaii

 Discount Code: WEBBSC - $20 off per adult couple 

**To receive discount you must book online at blueseacruisesinc.com. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Blue Sea Cruises Inc. is working in coordination with Julian Tyne doing a funded doctorate study from MurdKonaock University in Perth, Australia under the guidance of Dr Lars Bejder who leads the world’s largest study into the impact of tourism on whales and dolphins.  Dr Bejder’s research  is also helping the Hawaiian State Government and the US to create legislation protecting their native dolphins from the impact of tourism.

All recorded observations gathered by our Kona Cetacean Reseach Program will also help identify marine mammal numbers and identities in the Kona area.  All information will be correlated with the Coral Reef Alliance, NOAA office on Oahu and the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary.Protect

Blue Sea Cruises operates this tour under the Guidelines of NOAA’s Dolphin SMART Program.   This program is in effect in Florida to protect the Bottlenose Dolphins and does not allow swimming with or harassment of dolphin behaviors in the wild.  NOAA is planning on implementing Dolphin SMART 2011 in Hawaii by NOAA.

Also we have for additional help our Kona Dolphin Identification and Protection Information flyer, Cetacean Id Charts, and our Marine Mammal Guide of Kona.

On your return trip, sit back and enjoy a cultural experience with a Hawaiian Hula Show! Watch Hula dancer in authentic costume perform the art of Hula from ancient times to present day Hollywood. 

Dolphin sightings 90%.

Refreshments includes deli lunch and soft drinks on the Lunch Dolphin Adventure. Departs 12:00pm.  AM Dolphin Adventure includes breakfast muffins- fresh fruits and soft drinks.

M/V Spirit of Kona is a 70 foot double deck power catamaran with seating capacity of 150 persons. It features two fully shaded decks, two giant glass bottom viewing wells, premium bar, food bar, live stage and two restrooms for your comfort.

Blue Sea Cruises operates directly from the Kailua Pier across from the King Kamehameha Hotel.  You may use the hotel address for your gps device to find the pier. 

75-5660 Palani Rd or Ali'i and Palani Road intersection see map

Cruise ship passengers who are in port in Kona are able to do the lunch cruise. This tour departs from the same pier where your cruise ship tender arrives.


Times:  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12PM  April 1st through December 15th

See updated Schedule for other optional dates click here Schedule

Departing from the Kailua Kona Pier. See Map

Pricing: Lunch Dolphin Adventure - Check in: 11:30am

      Adults (12 yrs & up) $89.00 plus tax and Fuel Surcharge  Total $100.38

      Child (5-11 yrs) $68.00 plus tax and Fuel Surcharge   Total $77.88

      Toddlers (0-4 yrs) Free*

Pricing: AM Dolphin Adventure - Check in:  8:00am

      Adults (12 yrs & up) $80.00 plus tax and Fuel Surcharge  Total $90.73

      Child (5-11 yrs) $59.00 plus tax and Fuel Surcharge   Total $ 68.23

      Toddlers (0-4 yrs) Free*

Book Dolphin Adventure - Glass Bottom Cruise

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 Activity Date Glass Bottom Dolphin Adventure

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       Infant (4 - 0) FREE  

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Effective August 1st, 2011 an additional fuel charge of $5/passenger will be added to all tours after this date.
***Prices posted effective January 1st, 2012.




WOW!!! I've uploaded my photos and a comment (to my blog) which I hope will help keep you guys in business. Your cruise was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.
Cheers guys, Pranav