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Official Shuttle for Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Races


2014  Annual Blue Sea Cruise's Saturday Race Crew Shuttle

On Saturday, August 30, 2014 we will be offering shuttle and roundtrip fares for 2014.  Please read thru and at the bottom you can book online and pay with credit card to reserve your team or a place as spectator on board the round trip Spirit of Kona. Spectators will enjoy a ring side seat for all the action during each race and during crew changeouts. A variety of food and beverages will be available for purchase on the boat. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, candy bars, etc. A fully stocked bar of beers, wines and mixed drinks will also be available for purchase.

The inaugural Crew Shuttle Cruise was a huge success in the past. The goal is to lessen the impact on the reef and shore at Honaunau even as this race gets bigger. The feedback we got was that not only were we helping the environment but all those that took advantage of the shuttle had lots of fun, and you’ll get a dolphin’s eye view of the other leg of the race. Not to mention the women had adult beverages available during their “cruise” after the finish of their race.  

In years past we used only the Spirit of Kona catamaran for transporting race participants and spectators. This year we expanding the capacity by making our sister vessel, the Makai, available too.  Booking on the Makai will be available to paddler teams and spectators only after the Spirt fills up.  The Spirit of Kona (SOK) and Makai will take men’s crews from the KaiSpirit Back Ramplua Pier to Honaunau, and bring women’s crews back.

Crews will make their exchange from ship to canoe (men), or canoe to ship (women), out in the bay at Honaunau.

Spirit of Kona

Loading and Unloading Ramps
( click to enlarge)

The only way to book this shuttle is by full six-person crews as the boats anchor out in Honaunau Bay, crew exchanges are made from the stern of the boat(s). Spectator bookings are round trip.

This is a great way to watch the race and enjoy the coastline (And no driving or parking headaches)! 

Please remember no food, drinks or coolers may be brought on board the trip.


Water                              Hamburgers

Gator Aide                      Hot Dogs

Sodas                             Chile Dogs

Lemonade                       Muffins

Beers                               Nachos

Wine                                Chips

Cocktails                          Cookies

The schedule will be:  

Saturday, August 30, 2014
6:00 am to 6:20 am   Spectators and men racers board Spirit of Kona and Makai at the Kailua Pier

All Teams must be boared by 6:20am.

6:30 am Spirit of Kona will depart from pier to watch the start of the Wahine Race and accompany down the coast.

At Honaunau the exchange from womens to mens will take place.  The Spirit and the Makai will then accompany the Kane Race back to the pier.

7:30 am – Wahine Race – Kailua to Honaunau, 18 miles
11:45 am – Kane Race – Honaunau to Kailua, 18 miles

Women racers should send a post race bag with the men to have on board when they finish.

The Spirit of Kona and Makai will follow the race along as it unfolds, to the finish at Honaunau.   Canoes will come along side the Spirit of Kona and crews will transfer.

The Spirit of Kona and Makai will start with the men’s race. In the later stage of the men’s race, the Spirit of Kona and Makai will move ahead so all passengers can unload at the Kailua Pier before the first of the men’s crew finish.

The cost for the transport is:
$120 per 6 man crew – one way – these are paddling crew members
$40 for spectator – round trip only
$33 for child (5-11 only) - round trip only and must be accompanied by an adult both ways
NO Children under 5 will be allowed. This is a long trip and there will be no place for children to nap or lie down.

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Spectator Adult
Spectator child

Mens Paddler 6 man crew
Mens Paddler 9 man crew
(Must book together as 1)

Womens Paddler 6 women crew
Womens Paddler 9 woman crew
(Must book together as 1)

Booking end divider

***There will be No smoking on board either vessel.


Back to race site link:  Kai Opua Queen Lili'uokalani race page.


See 2010 video taken by LAVA 105 TV on board the Spirit of Kona during the Queen Lili'uokalani Canoe Races on September 4th, 2010. click on image
from Apachewolf on Vimeo.