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  • Bottle Nose Dolphin off the bow
  • Dolphins escort us on our journey-up close encounters
  • Curious bottle nose dolphins
  • Narration of the Reef life seen in the giant glass bottom viewing windows
  • Dolphins gather to rest during the day over shallow sandy areas along the coast
  • Live hula show on lunch trip
  • Dolphins can perform exciting acrobatic behavior
  • Local Spinner Dolphins love to ride the wake of Blue Sea Cruises vessels
  • The Spinner Dolphins gather during the day in large groups called Pods.



Best of the Big Island - Blue Sea Cruises


Welcome Aboard

Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. provides a variety of excursions that uniquely blend the beauty of the Kona coast, marine life and Hawaiian culture together to create an exciting and memorable experience. 

TripAdviser Cert of ExcellenceBlue Sea Cruises operates directly from the Kailua Pier across from the King Kamehameha Hotel.  Use the hotel address for your gps device to find the pier. 

  • 75-5660 Palani Rd or Ali'i and Palani Road intersection

Evening on the Reef-Glass Bottom Sunset Dinner Cruise

Kona's only table seated full dinner cruise!

This 2 hour glass bottom sunset dinner cruise is like no other. Welcome aboard the Spirit of Kona where you will be greeted with island aloha and be seated with unobstructed views of the coast line, sunset and sea life! Award winning Sunset on the Spirit of Konamusicians will set the mood with your favorite hawaiian tunes and a selection of classic rock and country music. A full course dinner and your favorite cocktail will be waiting for you. As you dine experience the breathtaking sunset and coastal scenery. Along the way look for the Spinner Dolphins that often escort us on many of our tours (Humpback Whales December through April). Once the sun goes down the underwater lights go on! The captain will maneuver us over the reef where nocturnal fish and the Kona Manta Ray come to feed. Watch these giant creatures dance the underwater ballet as they feed on the microscopic plankton attracted by our glass bottom underwater lights. Don't forget to bring your camera. As we head back to port the Polynesia show will begin. Beautiful hula dancer will perform the ancient art of Hula in authentic costume. Soon you too will feel the beat and can't help but join in the fun and dance the rest of the night away. Learn More.

Manta Dive Snorkel

Top Ten To Do in Hawaii

This Manta Night "dive" Snorkel with Giant Kona Manta Rays is our Big Island snorkeling cruise.  These gentle creatures swim within inches in fact sometimes you must be extremely careful not to touch them. It is so amazing to see these 10-15 feet across stealth bombers glide by you near the surface as you float out from the circle. High intensity lights illuminate the the water and depth. We profide the safest and most exclusive manta viewing available in snorkeling Big Island. Our floating Circle of Light is there for you to hold on to as you watch the approaching and feeding mantas. This is tethered to the double-decker Makai about 20feet away. We are in the water with you and keeManta Ray Dive Konap an eye from the boat. In fact you can see all but the deeper under water action. Our system brings the mantas to you making for the best Manta ray dive Kona has to offer.  The Makai offers cushy comfort in our upstairs lounge for the cruise from Kailua Pier to the Manta spot. A mens and womens toilet each downstairs is available for changing and the downstairs is the set up for suiting up, and beverage service. This includes free sodas and hot chocolate plus free mai tais for after the night viewing. Also there is a light party mix to accompany your drinks.   Manta Swim/Snorkel cruise.   Learn more!

Manta Watch

No need to get wet! Watch the Giant Kona Manta Rays perform an underwater ballet while you stay dry, safe, cozy and comfortable on the decks of the glass bottom boat, Spirit of Kona. High intensity lights illuminate the underwater Manta Ray View via Glass Bottomscene. Watch through the large glass bottom windows as the giant manta ray enters and feeds on the plankton forming near the lights under the boat. Seen up close and just inches from the glass, the experience is fabulous. Snap photographs and video to take home to share with your family and friends,  and do it all while enjoying your favorite cocktail or soft drink.

Until the introduction of the Spirit of Kona, with its large glass bottom windows, the only way to see the Giant Kona Manta Ray was to get into a cold black ocean at night in scuba or snorkel gear. The Spirit of Kona is equipped with underwater lighting to draw in the plankton that the Giant Manta Rays feed on. It is the newest most popular way to view these graceful animals with the whole family, young or old.

Scuba divers and snorkelers in the water often unwittingly rub against the fragile coral damaging it. Boat anchors dropped on the reef destroy the fragile ecosystem beyond repair. View responsibly without all the risk to the reef and the life that need it to live. See the Giant Manta Ray from the decks of the Spirit of Kona. The most eco friendly and responsible way to view these amazing animals.  Manta Watch cruise.  Learn more

Whale Watchkona shore excursion seal

The only company for Whale Watching in Hawaii utilizing spotters to direct our ships to the best whale activity.

During this special time of year Humpback Whales come to mate and give birth in the calm waters of Kona.  There is no better experience for whale watching in Hawaii then to see them than with Kona’s year round marine mammal excursion experts aboard the custom  glass bottom 70ft power catamaran “Spirit on Kona”. 

Board the Glass Bottom Spirit of Kona for a 2.5-hour journey of discovery and adventure.  Shore spotters will guide the Spirit to the best areas for whale Hawaii Whale Watchingwatching Hawaii has to offer and our naturalist and crew will entertain you with historical facts and information on the many points of interest along the way and the animals encountered. Have your camera ready for your first whale encounter as you watch these amazing animals up close. Some of the activities you may see are breeching, spy hopping, pectoral fin slapping, tail slapping, mating behavior and mothers caring for their young. Listen to the whale songs produced by these majestic mammals through our underwater hydrophone.

Be sure to watch for the local spinner dolphins that are regular companions on most of our trips. Learn More!


Dolphin Adventure and Glass Bottom Cruise

Dolphins, whales, sea life and more, are the focus of this Eco Adventure.kona shore excursion seal

Come aboard Kona’s largest glass bottom sight seeing boat. Watch Wild Spinner Dolphins swim, frolic and jump, while enjoying the panoramic views of the Kona above and below the surface of the ocean. View undersea vistas generally reserved for scuba divers through our large glass bottom wells. 

See the Wild Spinner Dolphins up close in their natural habitat while resting, playing and performing aerial acrobatics, (Humpback Whales also December through April). Kona’s coastal waters are host to many species of marine mammals and sea life year round. Sea life often seen on this tour may include Spinner Dolphins, Bottle Nose Dolphin, Pilot Whales, False Killer Whales, Green Sea Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks, tropical fish, live coral gardens and much Glass Bottom Dolphin Adventuremore.

During your cruise our on board natrualist will enlighten you on the Historical sites along the coastline, the tropical fish you will see in the giant glass bottom windows and the different species of Dolphin and whales encountered.

On your return trip, sit back and enjoy a cultural experience with a Hawaiian Hula Show! Watch our Hula dancer in authentic costume perform the art of Hula from ancient times to present day Hollywood. Learn more!

Custom Cruises

Blue Sea Cruises has many choices available for your custom tour.
We provide dinner cruises, sight seeing cruises, whale watch, snorkeling and scuba diving events, birthday parties, holiday parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, corporate events and more. Learn more!

Shore Excursions  Big Savings

Blue Sea Cruises Inc. provides shore excursions for most cruise ship companies visiting the port of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Kailua Kona is a tendering port. Your tender will disembark on the Kailua Kona Pier approximately 100 feet from our boarding locations.

Find out more by following the links about these cruises.  Look for our Kona Shore X Seal for those readily available during your time in port at Kona:kona shore excursion seal

Glass Bottom Dolphin Adventure

Whale Watching Dolphin Adventure

Evening on the Reef Glass Bottom Dinner Cruise

If you will be visiting the port of Kailua Kona and need information concerning the excursions available please contact us or call 808 331-8875. Our agents will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Group Packages

Blue Sea Cruises, Inc. has special group rates for 25 passengers and above that you may want to take advantage of. Please call 808 331-8875 or email  Cindy@blueseacruisesinc.com for a quote.

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WOW!!! I've uploaded my photos and a comment (to my blog) which I hope will help keep you guys in business. Your cruise was probably one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.
Cheers guys, Pranav